Ways To Give Your Inground Pool A Beach-Like Vibe

Posted on: 30 July 2020

Spending a day that the beach can be relaxing and fun, but it may not always be feasible to visit the beach based on where you live. If you're a beach lover who is planning to get an inground swimming pool in your yard, there are several ways that you can give the pool a beach-like feeling. Speak to your pool company to share your wishes, and don't be afraid to look at pictures of the company's other jobs to identify elements that will suit you. Here are three ways that your pool company can give your inground pool a beach-like vibe.

Beach Entry

One element that can definitely give your swimming pool the feeling of being at the beach is a beach entry. This term describes one end of the pool, which slopes down into the water instead of having a standard wall. Using this feature to walk into the pool offers a similar experience to entering the water at a beach — the water is at your ankles, and then your knees, and so on. Your pool company can offer you different slope options, and you'll need to factor in the overall length of your pool. For example, you may want a steeper beach entry if the pool isn't overly long.

Sand-Colored Deck

Pool owners choose various types of pool decks based on several different factors.If you want your pool to mimic visiting the beach, a sand-colored pool deck will be best. Poured concrete is a often a good choice for around the pool. It offers several advantages, including a surface that doesn't get slippery when it becomes wet. Instead of choosing gray concrete, however, ask your pool company about tinting the concrete to provide a sand-like color. You'll find that this simple change can help to give your pool and the area around it the feeling of being at the beach.


There are several different ways to incorporate natural or synthetic stones into your pool design. Including this natural-looking element can further help to build on the beach theme, especially if you've visited beaches that have various rock formations around them. For example, you might favor having flat stones—synthetic slate, perhaps—laid into the pool deck immediately around the perimeter of the pool. Or, you might want to think about a rock wall along the edge of part of the pool that features a water fountain that flows into the pool.

When you're planning your inground pool, talk to your contractor about different ways to give it a beach-like vibe.