Three Things That You Will Want To Do To Prepare To Open Your Pool

Posted on: 14 August 2015

Opening your pool can be a lot of work, but there are some things that can make this easier. There is a lot of maintenance and work to do before you can open your pool. This may include things like cleaning the dirty water, or even partially draining and refilling your pool. Here are some of the things that you will want to do when you are getting ready to open your pool for the summer.     

1. Dealing With Dirt And Green Algae In The Pool

Over the winter months, you pool can become full of dirt and debris. This can severely affect the water quality of your pool. So, the first thing that you will want to do is remove all the debris that has collected in the bottom. This can be done with a skimmer net to get all the large debris out of the water. You can also use a vacuum and keep the pump on to get the majority of the debris out. When doing this, you will have to clean equipment and backwash the filter regularly to remove the debris and clean the water.

2. Shocking The Pool To Get The Chlorine Levels Right

Once you have the water somewhat clean, you will be able to test the chlorine and PH levels. You will want to shock the pool to bring chlorine levels up and kill off any growth in the pool. You can use PH chemicals to adjust the PH in the pool. If your pool has extremely high PH levels, you will want to bring them down with a PH reducer. When adjusting the chemicals in your pool, the pump should still be running to remove the debris that is suspended in the pool and help to clear up the water. You may also want to add an algaecide to your pool while doing these tasks.

3. Partially Draining And Refilling The Pool When Chemical Treatments Are Not Enough

Sometimes, the water quality of your pool may be too poor to effectively adjust it using chemical treatments. This can be caused by extremely high PH levels and algae growth in the pool. You will still want to follow the above steps in this case, but you may also want to partially drain your pool. You can drain some of the water and replace it with fresh water to make it easier to balance the chemicals in your pool. It may even be easier to completely drain the pool, clean the liner and have a bulk water delivery to fill your pool with fresh clean water. This can save you money on time and chemical treatments.

These are some of the things that you will want to do when you get ready to open your pool for the winter. If you are ready to open your pool, contact a bulk water delivery service (such as Renehan's) to get the water you need to fill your pool without affecting your water and sewage bills.