Swimming Pool Not Working Right? See If One Of These Things Is To Blame

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and cool down from a long day at work. Floating along on your raft can help to unleash a sense of peace and tranquility that you never had before. Pools also provide a great way to burn some excess calories and shed a few pounds. With so many uses, it makes sense why so many people are getting a swimming pool installed at their home. But what happens when something goes wrong and your pool starts acting up? Do you know what to do? Here are some of the common swimming pool repairs and what you can do to fix them.

Pump impeller is clogged

During the spring, a lot of debris is flying around in the air. When your pump basket isn't installed properly or it has a bunch of holes, debris can end up getting caught in the impeller vanes and cause damage to occur. Anything from grass clippings to pine needles, dog hair and more can all pass through the basket and into the impeller. Once enough of it has built up inside of the unit, it will cause the pressure to decline.

To clear out the impeller, you will need to shut the power off to the unit. If your hands are small enough, you might be able to reach right into the impeller and get the debris out without having to disassemble it. In other situations, you might have to open the pump and ream the vanes using a piece of wire.

Skimmer is leaking

If there is a leak somewhere in the pool, you want to check your skimmer first. When dealing with a concrete pool, this tends to be one of the main areas where separation occurs. Vinyl pools can end up with leaks at the skimmer's faceplate when it doesn't have the proper gaskets. A skimmer can end up leaking through a crack in your pool's sidewall.

When cracks occur at the wall junction's, you might need to pack the area with a plaster mix. Any future movement will cause it to open up once again. To identify where the leak is at, look for any debris sucked toward a crack in the concrete.  

The best way to identify what you are dealing with is to turn to someone who has experience and expertise in the swimming pool industry. Contact a business like All-American Pools if you notice any damage to your pool, otherwise a potentially small problem might turn into something more serious.