Accessories To Enhance The Safety Of Your Hot Tub

Posted on: 11 June 2015

Relaxing in a hot tub (such as those offered by after a long day is a great way to unwind. The hot water melts away stress and muscle tension. You can use your hot tub for therapeutic reasons and for socializing with friends and family. There are different accessories you can buy that make your hot tub more fun and useful. For example, sturdy handrails that provide balance support are helpful if you have older family members using your hot tub. Here are some other accessories you may want to add to your tub to enhance its safety.

Solar Shades Reduce Risk Of Sunburn

If your hot tub is outdoors, you may enjoy it more if you are protected from UV rays and the hot sun. You can have a solar shade, shade dome, or umbrella attached to your hot tub that allows air to circulate freely while blocking you from the sun's rays. That way you can use your hot tub all hours of the day without worrying about sunburn.

Padded Cushions Provide Elevation

You need enough clearance above the water to be comfortable in the hot tub. You may want to have padded booster cushions for kids and short adults to sit on. These are filled with water, gel, or air. They allow you to sit higher in the water, which you may prefer if you are mainly interested in soaking your lower body. A padded cushion also makes it more comfortable to sit on the hard plastic or wood seats.

Padded cushions made from gel or foam that attach to the side of the tub are nice accessories too. These can be used for resting your head or neck when you stretch out. They can also provide comfort to your back, arm or shoulder if you need to lean against the side of the tub for balance.

Tray Attachments Keep Drinks Nearby

It's a good idea to keep a cool drink nearby when you're in a hot tub to keep you cool and prevent dehydration. There are several types of trays and tables you can buy for that purpose. Some attach to the side of the tub, while others push up against the side like a bar counter. These provide a place to hold drinks, snacks, towels and sunscreen within reach.

In addition to considering the above accessories, you should also understand how hot water affects your body so your family stays safe when using a hot tub. Young children, pregnant women, and the elderly may need to avoid a hot tub or limit their exposure. Ask your doctor about the temperature range and time length your family members can stay in the tub, so everyone can enjoy its benefits while staying safe.