The 2 Most Important Commercial Pool Chemicals You Cannot Do Without

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Your choice of pool chemicals is of the utmost importance. Not just because you need to keep your commercial pool clean and disinfected. But because you actually care about what you're allowing people to swim in other than the water. Here are the two most important pool chemicals you cannot do without.

1. Sanitizers

You need a sanitizer. Most people use chlorine, but there are other types as well. The function of the sanitizer is to remove the threats posed by various forms of microorganisms that can and will get into the pool. Sanitizers also help to keep the growth of algae and bacteria in check. Some of the most popular sanitizers, other than chlorine, include:

  • Bromine
  • Ionized sanitizers
  • PHMB (Biguanide)

Not all people like chlorine and not all pool types need chlorine. These alternatives are also typically considered softer and more "swimmer friendly" than chlorine. No matter what kind of sanitizer you use or prefer, it's the most basic and required of pool chemicals. Other chemicals either augment or work alongside your sanitizer.

2. Balancers

Balancers work alongside your sanitizer helping to keep the algae and bacteria controlled. But the most important aspect of the balancer is its ability to maintain the pH levels of the pool. Finding the right balance for your pool can become quite complex. That's because it's not just the pH levels that constitute your pool's balance. It's also the calcium hardness and total alkalinity of the water.

Finding the right balance can become a complex affair. It's one of those things that you have to not only get right, but constantly maintain. Because there are so many elements to finding balance, there are several types of balancers.

  • pH increasers and decreasers
  • Alkalinity increasers and decreasers
  • Hardness increasers and decreasers

That's six different types of balancers with each one representing only one of a number of types of products.

Your Job Isn't Finished

While sanitizers and balancers are the most important chemicals, they're not the only ones that you need. There are several other chemicals out there such as:

Algaecides – For removing the algae.

Shockers and oxidizers – For immediate and quick removal of bacteria and contaminants.

Specific chemical removers – For removal of specific contaminants such as metal and foam.

Clarifiers – For making water less cloudy.

All of these chemicals are elements of pool maintenance that you need to get just right. If you have a commercial pool on your premises, then you should seek a pool management service. They can test for which chemicals will work best. They will also maintain the other components of your commercial pool.